Paula Jackson and Robert Teed co-founded The School House Gallery in 2009 and are joint directors. Together they have curated over 45 exhibitions and projects across a range of disciplines and media.

Since establishing the gallery, Jackson and Teed have developed a collaborative artistic practice to complement their curatorial work. Their ‘Holocaust Survivors’ Library’ installation (2011) was exhibited at Huddersfield Art Gallery in 2012, and their immersive film ‘The Defender’s Voice’ was selected for the Australian Human Rights Arts and Film Festival 2012 and exhibited at the University of York. Jackson and Teed have produced a number of experimental artists’ films, including In Memoria (2013), Urban Air (2012), Magnificent Water (2012), The Defender’s Voice (2012) and H&G (2011).

Jackson and Teed are also increasingly using film as a curatorial tool, creating short films on artists at the New School House Gallery (Jane McAdam Freud (2012), Kelly Jayne (2013), Michael Lyons (2013) and John Newling (2014)).

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Curators and Creators in a Collaborative Practice

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