Linda Ingham, Mother & Child,  2015, Oils & Mixed Media, Crop

The New School House Gallery, York

23 January – 20 February 2016

We are delighted to present Extracts, a group exhibition of paintings and ceramics by seven established artists based in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The exhibition features works on canvas, board and paper by Linda Ingham, Pamela Knight, Miles Linley, Rob Moore, Malcolm Race and Wendy Tate alongside ceramics by Ilona Sulikova. We are grateful to Studio Eleven Gallery, Hull, for their collaboration on this exhibition.

Pamela Knight
Pamela Knight -1

Pamela Knight is a painter and printmaker living and working in York. She is inspired almost exclusively by landscape, particularly that of the Yorkshire Wolds. Pamela works in a loose, semi abstract style, drawing in situ and making paintings from these sketches in the studio.

Linda Ingham
Linda Ingham, Mother & Child, 2015, Oils & Mixed Media, Crop Low-R
Linda Ingham is a visual artist and curator based on the east coast of Lincolnshire, who exhibits nationally and abroad. She has work in several national and international collections including the Arizona Museum of Art, Rugby Art Gallery & Museum and The East Contemporary Collection at University Campus, Suffolk. Ingham uses media and process to develop her visual language upon themes of memory and place, often making use of found objects, or bringing in aspects of audience participation. 

Miles Linley
Myles LinleyView From Lendal Bridge

Myles Linley was born in Yorkshire in 1967 and studied fine art at Bristol Polytechnic, graduating in 1989. Myles is known for his expressive and dramatic cityscapes and landscapes. He has recently been shortlisted for The John Ruskin Prize (Recording Britain Now).

Rob Moore
Rob Moore Landranger - oil on canvas
Rob Moore makes paintings and drawings inspired by landscape. His work can often stem from drawings made travelling and walking in that landscape. More recently he has also made images that touch upon the fragility and vulnerability of our environment that will be seen in a large touring show starting at Dean Clough Gallery at the end of January.

The work in Extracts suggests landscape that is mapped and marked fusing with his obsession with surface, touch and quietly expressive use of colour.

Malcolm Race
Malcolm Race Found While in the Act of Finding

Malcolm Race is now a full-time artist after recent retirement from being Course Leader for BA Contemporary Fine Art Practice at Hull School of Art & Design

He describes his paintings as a physical manifestation of forgotten and lost fragments from the subconscious, discovered and remembered and even prompted through the process of painting. “I do not work to a plan. I paint as if to discover or unearth an image that already exists which when found is deliberately buried again. I love and respect a blank canvas for its infinite possibilities, just like a field of fresh snow. Who knows what’s in there? That first mark is stark and lonely but meaningful, challenging me to respond.”

Ilona Sulikova

For the last fifteen years, Ilona Sulikova has been making hand built, raku-fired, individual pieces. Her work seeks to achieve harmonious relationships between the 3D form and surface decoration. She enjoys experimenting with a variety of post firing processes, using the elusive dry copper glaze, to achieve vivid colours.

Wendy Tate
Wendy Tate Reflecting Storm 70h by 42w
“I have always had a very emotional engagement with my subject and often it takes on a more metaphorical aspect in which some echoing of the human experience or the numinous occurs. I try to give the viewer a space to rest in and identify with. Some people on a purely familiar basis; they like trees or the sea. Others will enter into a more intimate space of identification with another like spirit and gain solace that they are not alone.”

Opening Times:
Wed-Thur 12-4pm
Fri-Sat: 10am – 4pm
Other times by appointment: call 07766 656030

About the New School House Gallery
Paula Jackson and Robert Teed co-founded The New School House Gallery in 2009 and are joint directors. Together they have curated over 40 exhibitions and projects across a wide range of disciplines and media. ‘The 21st century curator is a catalyst – a bridge between the local and the global… The possibility of enlightenment comes from embracing chance’ (Hans Ulrich Obrist).

The New School House Gallery, Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PW
Tel: 01904 653603/07766 656030
Twitter: @schoolhousegall


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